Training Hours

Training runs from 8:30am – 3:45pm

Pre-Registration is Required for Every Training

Participants must pre-register online at Registration will open the 1st Wednesday of each month for the corresponding month’s training. Participants will not be permitted to pre-register without submitting credit card information.

The Professional Trainings will remain free of charge, however, participants that pre-register and do not attend or do not cancel their registration 3 days prior to the training, will be charged a $25.00 fee. Your credit card will not be charged unless you are pre-registered and absent.

McLeod Center Training Guidelines/Dress Code Requirements

McLeod Center employees are required to present and conduct themselves professionally at all work functions and training events hosted by McLeod Center and other organizations. Significant attention is given to creating a professional and courteous work environment at McLeod Center that positively reflects the importance and serious nature of the field of addiction services. Guests are asked to conform to the following guidelines that apply to all McLeod Center Employees:

  • Appropriate professional or business casual clothing is required. Jeans, capris and other athletic recreational attire are not acceptable.
  • Respect for the presenter, staff and the rights of other attendees to receive full benefit from the training is required.
  • Electronics and outside literature will not be permitted in the training center. Cell phones must be silenced.


The Professional Training Series is provided for the staff of McLeod Center. Others are welcome to attend, free of charge, with an understanding that special accommodations required by participants, other than McLeod Center staff, are not the responsibility of McLeod Center.

Participants will be asked to leave if behavior and/or dress is disruptive or not in compliance with the requirements set forth by McLeod Addictive Disease Center.

Question or Comments

For any questions regarding training please contact us at


From I-77, heading North: (Heading towards Uptown Charlotte); Exit 7 (Clanton Rd), make a right onto Clanton Road. McLeod Center will be on the right.

From I-77, heading South: (Coming from Uptown Charlotte); Exit 7 (Clanton Rd), make a left onto Clanton Road. McLeod Center will be on the right.