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Novel and Emergent Forms of Substance Use and Abuse


John Stogner, Ph.D

UNC Charlotte  |   Charlotte, NC

Course Date:  December 15, 2017

Course Description

Novel psychoactive drugs (NPDs), an emerging class of understudied dangerous substances, mimic the actions of commonly abused substances such as marijuana, stimulants, hallucinogens, and opiates, but are formulated, marketed, and used either to sidestep legal restrictions or to avoid positive drug screen.. In one year alone, over 100 new recreational psychoactive drugs were identified as having reached consumers. Thus, current challenges are greater than those at any other time in history in that the diversity and number of distinct newly emergent drugs is unprecedented. Formulating an appropriate and proactive response to this mass emergence of distinct new recreational drugs is challenging because little is initially known about these substances’ psychoactive properties, use dynamics, or the health and social consequences of use.

Instructor Background

Dr. John Stogner is a criminologist who primarily teaches courses in Criminological Theory, Drugs and Crime, Biosocial Criminology, and Research Methodology. The majority of his research focuses on drug use, abuse, and policy, but much of his work also focuses on the interplay between issues of health and deviance. Dr. Stogner has also explored how health and deviant behavior are intertwined. He has published a series of articles that examine the role that “health strain” may play in antisocial behavior and substance use. He plans to continue this work and evaluate criminal justice policies that affect public health. He currently serves as a member of the Southern Criminal Justice Association’s Board of Directors.